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Saint Martin de Re:

What a wonderful discovery! I knew Loix or Ars en Ré, and of course Les Portes en Ré, but Saint Martin de Ré has absolutely nothing to envy to its neighboring villages.

At the same time friendly, atypical for us and yet so typical for the island, it is good to get lost in the small, flowery and lively streets of the village.

If you like photography, every corner will be an inspiration for you.

Parking, even at the beginning of June, is not easy. It is absolutely necessary to provide accommodation with a garage to avoid going around in circles for 1 hour. Many roads are one-way and even the GPS gets lost. Just to tell you!!

I parked on Rue du Vieux Puits, in the garage rented with La Bananette.

It was dinner time, I walked around the port, admiring the sunset.


The restaurants no longer serve after 9/9:30 p.m. at this time, so you have to quickly think about dinner.

Small salad in a restaurant on the port, nothing to say, it's really relaxing.

Here are my restaurant must-haves:

  1. La Sarrasine for its delicious pancakes and pancakes

  2. The Saint Marth for its traditional dishes and its typical atmosphere

  3. Le Belem for its seafood and friendly waiters

  4. La Martiniere for its incredible ice creams

The next morning, I have breakfast on the port at the Café de la Paix. Good address for breakfast.

I go to the covered market, just 2 steps from La Bananette. You will appreciate its atmosphere and the beauty of the site. We feel 100% on vacation!

Then, I open a partnership with Beach Bikes, the bike rental company closest to La Bananette. I get -10% for tenants, it's perfect! The team is young, dynamic, and very friendly. They have several types of bikes, there is something for everyone, even tandems!

I also found a good address for boat trips.

Then before leaving, I got lost again in the alleys, looking for the perfect photo... and I got it!!

What do you think?

To sum up, if you are looking for a typical accommodation in the center of Saint Martin de Ré, but quiet, La Bananette will meet your needs exactly.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact me via the chat, I am at your disposal.

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